Shock Mommy…

What are we teaching our children about empathy and sentient beings?!

Please understand I am not trying to “mommy shame” anyone. I absolutely believe this mother is overwhelmed and doing the best she can. That being said, I also know she has received quality education, resources, and support on this subject. This child is, I believe, 3 years old. We, as a society and community, have to ask important questions here: 1. Why on earth is a 3yo allowed to have access to a remote control that SHOCKS A SENTIENT BEING?! 2. Why does that child know that it does this? 3. Why does this child believe it’s ok to point it at another sentient being and push the button without cause or reason or emotional context?

When I talk about aversive training methods in dog training being an ethical problem, this is what I mean. We are raising humans who watch how we modify behavior on thinking, feeling, and responding creatures. Those little humans are absolutely paying attention and learning about empathy and emotional responsibility. This post should upset everyone, regardless of your beliefs on training ethics. The callousness here should be alarming.

Published by abigailwitthauer

Lover of animal behavior, impassioned for social justice, demander of service dog reform. Please bring wine and cheese.

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