To infinity and beyond… whelping box expansion

Today we expanded the whelping box to give the puppies a little more room to toddle.  They are still probably a day or two away from really being toddly enough to utilize their new expanded pen, but we want to be ready.

As you can see from the photo, they also have a nosy visitor!  (special appearance by Bourbon the mini service horse in training)

In the pen we have the nest area in the same place it’s always been with soft and snuggly bedding.  This nesting area is a fleece bed with a bumper around it covered with washable puppy pads or a soft fleece — both a different color than the main pen.

Coming out of the nest area are potty pads all around and then washable puppy pads in the bottom of the entire pen with a foam mat underneath the washable puppy pads for extra comfort.  In the far corner of the pen is a human baby “tummy time” mat.  This mat has teething toys, a soft toy, and a mirror hanging from it.  We have also placed a washable puppy pad over the top of it.

Starting later today or tomorrow we will add in their “official” potty trays with turf over potty pads.  This is what they will learn to use for the remainder of their puppy raising process.

So far we only have one puppy who has toddled all the way to the jungle gym area.  Any guesses who it is?!  Here’s a video answering that question and showing some adorable nursing slurping noises.

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