Puppies – 3 weeks old

The puppies are 3 weeks old today and things are BUSY!  The puppies are starting to explore their environment more and more each day, sometimes it seems like each hour.  They are presenting with new behaviors all the time. They had their first adventure into food today.  We feed our puppies a mixture of FrommContinue reading “Puppies – 3 weeks old”

Puppies – day 1-7

(This post is part of a series of posts, please be sure to read the others to learn all about the Roverchase Service Dog Program puppy raising protocols) The first 7 days of raising puppies are the most wary.  I typically take 4 weeks off of seeing clients or going into the office and workContinue reading “Puppies – day 1-7”

Maybe, a service dog isn’t the right tool for you.

Stay with me. It’s phrase I’ve found myself saying to clients and potential clients more frequently lately. “Have you considered that perhaps a Service Dog just isn’t the right tool for you?” Why is this so shocking? Why are we so horrified whenever it’s mentioned? There are plethoras of treatment options and medications that areContinue reading “Maybe, a service dog isn’t the right tool for you.”