Puppies – 3 weeks old

The puppies are 3 weeks old today and things are BUSY!  The puppies are starting to explore their environment more and more each day, sometimes it seems like each hour.  They are presenting with new behaviors all the time.

They had their first adventure into food today.  We feed our puppies a mixture of Fromm Puppy and Purina Pro Plan.  We put the solid kibble into a blender and pulverize it.  We then add Esbilac formula powder and hot water until it is the consistency of brownie batter.  This food is then put into two puppy feeder saucers.  These special bowls help keep the food around the edges so it’s easier for clumsy puppies to reach it.  Needless to say, it’s a very messy endeavor!

Here are some photos and videos from the last several days.

3 weeks old today and their first puppy meal! 
IMG_2393 2
Puppy feets!! 
First mealtime mess 
So. much. cleaning!  Love our Bissel Pet Symphony
All the napping! 
Douglas Fir wondering what all the puppy food fuss is about 
Discovering the joys of toys! 
Food coma 
Visiting with Daddy 
Passed out after noms 

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